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Hungry Shark World Beginner Tips 2023


Are you just starting with Hungry Shark World and feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry – it can be daunting initially, but we are here to help. We know the ins and outs of this game and have come up with some simple tips that will give you an edge in your quest for underwater domination.

With these beginner tips, completing missions, gaining XP, and advancing through the ranks will no longer seem like such a distant dream for you! Keep reading to learn about becoming a master shark in Hungry Shark World.

What is hungry shark world?

Hungry Shark World is an action-packed underwater adventure game developed by Ubisoft Entertainment. Players take control of the eponymous shark and navigate the ocean depths, consuming any prey they encounter and fending off predators.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new items, upgrades, and abilities to help you become stronger and survive the harsh environment of the deep sea mines .

Hungry shark world tips for beginner 2023:

1. Get to know your shark:

You will get new abilities and stats every time you upgrade your shark. Learn about these new abilities and upgrade them whenever you can.

2. Keep an eye on your hunger meter:

Your shark has a hunger meter, which decreases as you consume prey and increases when you eat certain types of food. Keep an eye on this during your playthrough and ensure it is manageable.

3. Complete missions and challenges:

Missions and challenges are an important way to gain XP and level up your shark. They may take some time, but they’re worth it in the long run. Remember that completing these missions also rewards you with coins that can be used to buy powerful items.

4. Use boost objects:

Boost objects will temporarily increase your shark’s stats and let you swim faster and farther. This can be a great way to get through challenging levels quickly.

5. Learn to use the map:

The map shows which areas have prey, boosts, and other useful items to help you in your journey. Take some time to explore and get familiar with the map so you can find useful items more easily.

6. Try out different sharks:

Every shark in Hungry Shark World has unique abilities and stats, so try out all the different sharks available and pick one that suits your style of play.

7. Watch out for predators:

The arctic ocean is dangerous, and you will often encounter predators that can quickly take out your shark. Make sure to keep an eye on your surroundings and plan so you can avoid them.

8. Remember to socialize:

Connecting with friends in the game is a great way to have more fun and get help if you’re stuck. You can send and receive gifts, compete in races, and even team up for co-op missions.

9. Collect Hungry Letters

Collect the Hungry Letters located throughout the map to increase your XP and unlock bonuses.

Special Shark Guide in hungry shark world:

1. Megalodon Shark:

The megalodon shark is the strongest of all the sharks in the Hungry Shark World. Its stats are higher than other sharks, making it a great choice for players tackling tougher challenges.

2. Great White Shark:

The great white shark has high speed and attack power, making it perfect for taking on smaller prey. It can also hold its breath underwater longer than other sharks, giving it an advantage when exploring deep water areas.

3. Hammerhead Shark:

The hammerhead shark is the most agile of all the sharks in the Hungry Shark World and can easily dodge predators and obstacles. Its high speed lets you move through levels quickly, making it a great choice for speed runs.

4. Tiger Shark:

The tiger shark is the tackiest of all the sharks in Hungry Shark evolution with high health and attack power. Its thick skin makes it resistant to damage, and its bulky size makes it difficult to take down.

5. Goblin Shark:

The goblin shark has the highest attack power of all the sharks in Hungry Shark World. It can take down prey quickly, making it great for players who want to take on bigger challenges or complete missions faster.

6. Mako Shark:

The mako shark is the fastest in Hungry Shark World and has incredible maneuverability. Its speed makes it the perfect choice for players looking to quickly take on bigger challenges and complete levels.

7. Bull Shark:

Start off with the Bull Shark! It’s one of the strongest and most agile sharks in the game, so it can take down prey easily. Withimpressive health, the Bull Shark can survive longer and take more damage than other sharks in its class.

8. Killer whale?

For a more challenging experience, try the Killer Whale! This massive creature can take down any prey with ease and its powerful dash makes it a deadly hunter.

Plus, its health and damage abilities are simply unparalleled. If you’re looking for a more intense experience in Hungry Shark World, the Killer Whale is definitely a great choice!

Secrets for Experienced Players in hungry shark world:

1. Upgrade Your Shark:

Upgrading your shark is the key to success in Hungry Shark World. Every upgrade will make your shark more powerful and help you survive longer, earn more points, and complete missions faster. Take advantage of every opportunity to increase your shark’s stats.

2. Collect Power-ups:

Power-ups can drastically improve your score and help you complete missions more efficiently. Look out for the multiplier power-up, which will give you a huge boost, and the coin rush power-up, which allows you to collect coins quickly!

3. Utilize Combos:

Combos are essential to becoming a master shark in Hungry Shark World. When playing, take advantage of the various combos available, such as the combo that allows you to jump out of the water and score more points.

4. Explore the Map:

Exploring the map is essential to becoming a master shark in Hungry Shark World. Keep an eye out for secret areas and explore every corner of the map – you never know what you might find!

5. Join a Crew:

Joining a crew will allow you to experience the game with others and compete in crew events. This is an excellent way to get extra rewards and make new friends who share your passion for

Combos and Bonuses in hungry shark world:

Let’s talk combos and bonuses that you can use to gain an advantage in your quest for underwater domination.

Combos give you a bonus when you consume multiple creatures of the same type in quick succession. For example, if you eat three jellyfish or gem fish consecutively, it will give you a three-times multiplier on the points earned for those three fish.

Bonuses are different – they give you more points for consuming certain creatures or objects with the bonus symbol. For example, if there’s a bonus symbol next to a seagull, you can eat it for ten extra coins!

These bonuses and combos will come in handy when you’re trying to complete missions and gain XP quickly. Remember, the more points and coins you earn, the faster you can progress through the ranks!


We hope these beginner tips have been useful and will help you become a master shark in playing Hungry Shark World. Whether it is learning the basics of surviving, understanding the game mechanics or familiarizing yourself with mission objectives, there’s always something more you can learn about this captivating game.

You can take on more powerful enemies and complete tougher tasks with practice and dedication. Keep playing, keep exploring, and have fun! Good luck! Happy hunting!


How do I gain XP in Hungry Shark World?

Gaining experience points (or XP) is essential for unlocking new sharks and progressing through the game. There are a few ways to gain XP; by eating smaller creatures, killing other predators, and completing missions. Eating smaller prey will give you the most XP, so take advantage of this whenever you can.

How do I unlock new sharks?

Unlocked sharks will always be bigger and stronger than your current one, giving you an edge in the Hungry Shark World oceans. To unlock a new shark, gain enough XP by completing missions and eating smaller prey until you can afford the shark you want. Then, purchase it in-store and start playing as your new shark!

What is a Gold rush mode ?

Gold Rush mode is a great way to quickly rack up many points and coins. You start with limited time but gain extra seconds and multipliers by picking up coins and other bonuses.
The Gold Rush bar is located at the bottom of your screen. The more coins and bonuses you pick up, the higher your score will go, and the more time you will have.
As your points build up and you complete special missions, the Mega Gold Rush bar can give you two or three times the normal score. You can even get up to five or six times the score you would normally receive.

How do I complete missions?

There are several types of missions to complete in Hungry Shark World; some involve collecting items or coins, while others require defeating certain sharks or eating a certain amount of creatures.
To access the missions, look for the icon on the main game screen. Once you’ve selected a mission, follow its instructions and complete it to gain XP!

What is “Missions Mode”?

When you activate Missions Mode, you will have 20 minutes to complete all available missions. Any XP you gain and coins you collect will be doubled during this time, so it’s a great way to progress quickly in the game. Try completing as many missions as possible during this period for big rewards!

What is the highest Hungry Shark score?

The highest score ever achieved in Hungry Shark World is 7,257,000 points by former world champion player Christos Koude.
This amazing feat was accomplished over several hours of intense play and showed the potential to reach new heights in the game. Try to beat his record and become the next Hungry Shark World champion!

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