Logitech G and Tencent partnering on a quest for a new cloud gaming handheld

Tencent Games and Logitech G logos representing their collaboration.

A partnership between Logitech G and Tencent Games has been announced to market a handheld cloud gaming device.

Thanks to the new device’s support for various cloud gaming services, you will be able to play your games even when not connected to your console or computer. From what has been announced, the portable is anticipated to go on sale later this year. However, Tencent Games and Logitech G have not made it clear if any games will be able to run on the device itself, as the announcement only discusses cloud gaming. What has been confirmed on the yet-unnamed handheld is that it will use NVIDIA’s GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

“Logitech G’s leadership in PC and console gaming gear make them an ideal partner to help us realize the vision of bringing a better gaming experience to gamers around the globe,”

Daniel Wu, general manager of Tencent Games Smart Solution Innovation Lab.

Data center servers are used in cloud gaming to deliver video games to users. Games on PCs or consoles don’t need to be downloaded or installed. Instead, games are played and rendered on distant servers, allowing you to enjoy and interact with them locally on your devices.

Since the arrival of the Nintendo Switch in 2017, high-end handheld gaming has increased significantly. More recently, devices like Valve’s Steam Deck have also entered the market, though this one has the hardware necessary to run demanding games locally rather than streaming them.

“As someone that grew up playing video games, the idea of being able to stream and play AAA games almost anywhere is super exciting, and we can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on,”¬†

Logitech general manager Ujesh Desai, in a Logitech blog post.
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