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Monopoly GO! GOES Crazy!

Monopoly Go - most downloaded game of 2024

🎉 HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, Monopoly Go! 🎉

The mobile version of the beloved board game Monopoly was launched on 11th April 2023 – over 120 years after the original game! And Monopoly Go! started 2024 as the most downloaded game on both Android and IOs!

Get it on Google Play or on the Apple App Store:

It’s got mixed reviews, but generally, if you’ve been a fan of the iconic board game, you’ll also enjoy Monopoly Go! In certain aspects, it’s even better.


  • 4D boards
  • click dice
  • mini games
  • daily treats
  • sticker gifts
  • surprise treasures…

You can also take part in ‘Quick Win’ missions, ‘Golden Blitz’ events, ‘Carve & Conquer’ tournaments, among other exciting add-ons.

There are prize drops too, giving you the chance to win prizes by simply playing the game!

Playing Monopoly Go! is like playing the classic game, but with fresh extras. Of course, you also have the added benefit of being able to play on your own. Or with anyone who’s up for it, from anywhere in the world. So, roll the dice and do give it a “Go” 🙂

Monopoly Go turns 1

Read the full game review on:
MONOPOLY GO! Rolling the Dice on Fun

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