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MyBook app

MyBook app is a great application for reading lovers who prefer to read from their digital devices, rather than carry the book with them all the time. The app has thousands of books from different genres, starting from the classic literature to the modern-day bestsellers.  

What can you read on the MyBook app?  

MyBook offers more than 200 000 books on its platform. There are many books available in Russian, so it is a wonderful app for you if you are a Russian speaker or are learning the language. Nevertheless, the app is not only for Russian speakers, as there are multiple books in English as well. Every month 2000 new books are added to the collection, and you can always find an interesting book to read next.  

You can choose books from the new books category, Top books, or browse the genres you love. The MyBook app has a wide selection of audiobooks too! So you can listen to the audio versions when you are travelling, or simply whenever you do not feel like reading.  

MyBook app features  

While using the MyBook app, you do not have to be connected to the internet all the time. The app allows readers to save books and continue reading offline!   

The app has collections with recommendations. When you do not know what to read, you can check out the collections and find the best books available on the platform. When you start using the app, it will also give you personal recommendations based on your past readings. It is a great way to find books similar to the ones you loved to read! The app also has rating features to help you choose the right book for you. You can check the quotes, notes and ratings.  

If you like to read from various devices, you do not have to worry about forgetting where you stopped reading. The app has full synchronization between different devices. When you start reading on your smartphone, you can continue from your laptop from where you left it.  

MyBook app subscription plans  

The MyBook app has two types of subscription plans – free and premium. With the free subscription, you get access to a limited catalogue of books. Premium subscription comes with an opportunity to get one book per month from the rental catalogue. In addition to that, this subscription comes with the free trial for the first 14 days of reading. You can check the premium subscription out, and in 14 days decide if you like it more than the free one or not. You can always cancel the premium subscription plan, however, note that the subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel it. 

Enjoy reading and listening with the Mybook app  

MyBook gives you the opportunity to enjoy reading or listening to your favourite book wherever you are. With or without an internet connection you can read any book you want! Join thousands of readers today who enjoy the MyBook app. Download from Google Play or App Store and find the books you will fall in love with!  



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