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Rise of the Kings: Top Tips & Tricks

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Rise of the Kings is Real Time Strategy game whereby you are a ruler rebuilding your kingdom after a massive invasion by the dark forces of the world. During this process of the rebuild, you have to take into account the resources that you can gather, army size, and powers, and also worry about other players and enemies trying to attack you. The game requires time management and thoughtful planning to deal with enemy players; knowing how to upgrade portions of your land correctly and what to wait on is essential.

We shall talk about tips and strategies used in the game.

Rise of the Kings: Strategy Guide

Gathering Research, Army Research Top Priority.

Gathering research and Army research components are your best source of spending. When you upgrade the Gatherer’s side of research, it will enable your armies to carry more weight and to travel faster to resource tiles outside of your kingdom tile. This is faster than the kingdom plots that only give you a minimum per hour. Putting top priority into Gathering and Army research is your best choice in terms of research.

Resource Production Research Can Be Forgone.

Don’t run down most of the resource production side of research. This only gives a slight percentage increase in production from actual resource plots within the kingdom, so it only will do you sound when you reach higher levels, and your resource schemes are fully upgraded. Until then, it is pretty wasteful to research unless you are examining the increased maximum load weight and the like.

Upgrade Resource Plots To One Below Your Castle.

Resource plots within your kingdom are only able to be upgraded to your castle level. For example, if your castle level is 14, your farm will also be upgraded to level 14. As the time moves up, you will soon end up upgrading resource plots that you don’t need to, thus spending 20-30 hours waiting for farms to go up in levels when you could easily make up the difference by gathering from resource tiles out in the world and spending those hours on more essential upgrades, such as barracks and training grounds and the like.

Start Longer Research When You Go To Sleep.

After approximately levels 5 and 6, research timers start hitting multiple hours. You’ll be waiting 3-4 hours for research and upgrades to go through. To maximize your profits from upgrading, hold off on that significant level 9 upgrade which takes 5 hours to go, and, instead, upgrade that lower tier stonemason or training grounds that will only take 1 hour. Note this will only really work in the middle upgrading areas, as the higher levels will start requiring multiple days to upgrade.

Make Yourself Look Smaller Than You Are.

When you look like a tiny target, you distance yourself from enemy raider’s radars. If you are scouted and are seen with various goodies, you’ll be pinpointed as a natural farming tile, like a resource-gathering plot. To mitigate this, don’t try to store up too many resources when you aren’t going to use them. Your storehouse can only hold so many resources, so only gather what you need for your next set of upgrades. This reduces the chance of enemies looking to steal your hard-earned resources.

Hide Your Troops.

This goes in hand with making yourself look small to enemies. Hiding your troops makes it simple to make it seem like you may be inactive. One trick you can use is to store them in faraway resource tiles in the world. As gathering takes time, so does traveling to the supply plot itself. If you send out your gathering troops to a tile that will take an hour or two hours to reach, calculate the time required even to gather it. Join An Alliance And Move To Their Hive.

When you join an alliance, you will be able to partake in other people’s resources and kingdoms. Most alliances will form what is known as a hive, where you gather in a particular area to stick close to each other. This serves two different purposes. One, you are closer to your allies. That means they are only seconds away from helping you gather resources for that higher tier upgrade, Second, staying in a hive elongates the time enemies will have to take to reach your kingdom. As long as you are within their range, they can attack. Thus, the only difference is how far away they are and how long it will take for them to reach you.

Get A Shield or Anti-Scouting Tool.

This is the most efficient way of protecting yourself. Shields are protective bubbles that you can buy from the store using gems. These shields allow no one to attack you, although they can attack any armies outside of your kingdom tile. Scouts don’t allow any information to be given to the enemy, so they cannot strategize if they do want to hit you or not. Both are very efficient in deterring enemies, but shielding is the only 100% effective safeguard.

Rise of the Kings graphics is impressive. Moreover, sound effects and background music are guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours while playing this incredible gameplay.

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