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War Dragons


War Dragons from Pocket Gems gives us an idea of what it would be like to release the flying lizard’s giants in poor ground-bound are intended to scurry under their shadows. You breed dragons, breed them to be perfect machines war and attack the bases of other players. The game looks impressive and successfully combines genres to produce experiences that do not necessarily have to be deep, but it’s good, though.

Rearing of Dragon is an important part of the war Dragons. No Wyrmlings or small in the wild world of War Dragons.

Having worked through the campaign for rapid reproduction, as part of the tutorial, you launch attacks on other players Islands. These islands are protected by archers, cannons, and other defenses. You get a dragon eye view of the action as you rain down fire, lightning and all kinds of special attacks is achieved. If you demolish the defense of your opponent, then you are rewarded with food for your dragons, experience points and other goodies.

Of course, as you attack, so you should defend. Other dragons’ warriors, especially the remains will come for you. If you happen to play when they are knocking, you can personally supervise your cannon and archers. Otherwise, it is automatically activated.


Here are the some /tricks/cheats you need to know for War Dragons.

  1. Warrior dragons are your tanks

Dragons War gives you the control the dragon army to decimate the enemy fortresses. There are three main types of war dragon: warrior, hunter, and sorcerer. Each has its strengths, weaknesses, and unique spells. Of the three classes, warriors are the most durable. When you come across a very hard island with a lot of offensive skills, consider sending in your warrior’s dragons first.

Due to their large amount of health, warriors can take a lot of damage and build up rage. When dragon accumulates enough rage, they can use various spells. Because rage can be transferred between two dragons, a popular strategy is to build rage with a warrior, and then send sorcerer dragon to utilize the rage with the use of magic

  1. Sorcerer dragons are your Spell Masters

Sorcerer dragons are glass cannons of war Dragons. They can carry large amounts of damage with spells, but they do not have a ton of health. When you need to make some tough rounds quickly, the sorcerer may be your best bet. Wizards and usually have area effect spells. For example, if your enemy was crazy enough to put a ray of lightning tours on the island, you May want to send a sorcerer to remove all before they can harm you.

  1. Spell it out
  • Use of spell effectively states the difference between being a dragon hero or a Dragon zero. Before sending your dragon into any base, you should have a plan of attack on what spells to use and when.

Here are some tips on the use of spell:

– You maximum the duration of your defensive spell by Stoneskin and invincibility just before the shot

– The Vampire Touch spells can last for health and rage building and give it to your dragon

– The healing mark spell allows you to position the medical packs for the next attacker carefully

– The fate of self-destruction can destroy the entire island at the last minute

– The cure poison spell cures and blocks any poison for the next seconds.

– Elemental spell Mayhem is the perfect counter to the base full of lightning and storms tower.

War Dragons can use more of the story, and one meatier single-player campaign. Their struggles are also a bit repetitive and no depth. That said if rounding up a bunch of awesome looking dragon for some wanton destruction of property as well as your ideas on Friday night well spent, war Dragons has a few seeds that you may be willing to test drive.




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