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Dungeon Hunter 5: Starting Guide (2022)

Dungeon Hunter 5 game cover.

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a free hack-and-slash, dungeon crawler action RPG published and developed by Gameloft, a company known for its high-quality mobile games. Dungeon Hunter 5 is perhaps the most anticipated mobile RPG in recent years.

The game is about a great war between humans and demons; the world is left in ruins. Following the assassination of the king, who had no heir, the Kingdom of Valenthia fell into chaos, and crime rose uncontrollably.

However, the Bounty Hunter guild was formed to restore peace and order through good-hearted mercenary work. You play a forthcoming leader of the Bounty Hunter guild and go on a journey to defeat Demon and restore order, all the while hunting down a rogue guild member who seeks a powerful artifact that could destroy the world.

Ultimate Beginner Guide to Dungeon Hunter 5

1: Every update has a better thing to offer, and it’s especially true for Dungeon Hunter 5.

The developers of Dungeon Hunter usually add great features that, if not entirely, change the gameplay but, indeed, do affect the rewards.

For instance, the latest update has added new and powerful weapons and armor, changes in the menu for more straightforward navigation, new powers in the story missions, fixed issues in group hunting, created new servants every week

2: Hit the Box until you are satisfied, then work on ranking yourself up

If you have 650 gems and you intend to hit the box for some gear. You should stop all the upgrading you are doing. Go ahead and hit your box as many times as comfortable. Hit the box three times, take whatever you get for those hits, and leave. Work on ranking up, and later you can try again to get more good stuff.

3: Variation matching

Variation one is mostly going to be run speed for fire. The Run Speed makes the real player speed in a lot of strongholds. If you get all the run speed together, your hunter will be flying and become uncatchable. Here we have Fireball variation 1, Run Speed which can be matched with Variation 1, Fire Shield Run Speed, and Variation 1, Rolling Flames. These are hard to come by, so saving some rush tickets would help or hit some bounty chests. It will take some time to collect these in the inventory. Check the inventory and evolve what you got. Here is Fire dash. 

4: Health Portions and Generation. 

Some players complain about not finding any healthy portions and having to pay to get them. There are some ways to regain health while on a mission, and there are ways to get portions without always having to use acquired gems. Whenever you complete a mission on hard, you get a portion. Other times you get portions, or where you can get portions by using bounty chests. To increase your chances, you have to get bounty tickets.

Another tip to get health potions is from milestones and events. So even if you don’t have plans to be the top player on the leaderboard, just go to get health potions and gems. Also, log in daily to get gifts and health portions. Another way to get health potions is to kill enemies with the right armor. There are gears that help with healing, such as a healing shield. If you can not beat the level with one or 2 health potions, stop there and upgrade your armor and character level to level up.

5: Free Gems and Spending

The last thing that would come to your mind is to buy gems with real money, but sometimes it becomes really difficult to progress in levels while playing for free. In Dungeon Hunter 5, you are given four free gems when you complete a new mission on normal settings. So if you reach objective 30 at level 25, you accumulate 120 gems. The best thing to do at this point is open a gear chest. But the fastest way to get gems is by buying them.

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