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Fishdom Guide: Tricks, Tips, and Hacks (2022)

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Fishdom is a free match-three video puzzle game released by Playrix. The game involves beating levels by making combinations of three or more pieces of the same color and earning gold coins as a reward. Players can use coins to buy new fish and put together interiors for their aquariums with animated plants and decorations.

In this game, you are expected to finish the tasks required within a set number of moves; the key is that the missions start to get more complex, including things like dissolving materials or picking up embedded gold, working around columns, dealing with chained pieces, and more. There are achievements to be garnered too.

Fishdom: Tricks and Hacks

  1. Match 4 to get the firecracker:

Try to match at least four pieces whenever you get the chance. Doing so will result in a firecracker. You may be wondering how a seashell and seaweed turn into fireworks. Anyways, when firecrackers are matched, they will destroy all adjacent objects. They are handy, so try to get them when you can.

  1. Match 5 for a bomb

Bombs function exactly like firecrackers, but they cover a much larger radius. You get them by matching 5 pieces in a straight line, T, or L shape. These are a bit trickier to get but working toward them is worth it. They’ll also destroy golden tiles, which makes them incredibly helpful for clearing out large chunks.

  1. Remember that power-ups can be manually detonated.

If you so wish, you do not have to move the power-ups you have created, like bombs are firecrackers. If you double-tap them, they’ll explode precisely where they are. This is useful in case you want something that’ll go out of reach should you move the power up in question.

  1. Try for the bigger power-ups.

There are better power-ups than the bomb and firecracker. If you manage to match 6 pieces, you will get the dynamite that covers even more ground than the bomb does. These pieces are scarce, and without careful planning, you may never get them.

  1. Plan out your moves

As with any other match-3 game, it is best to plan out your moves before you commit to them. You have to time limit, but you don’t have a move limit, so there is an incentive to use your moves wisely. Try as much as possible to make your matches so that pieces will fall into place where they are set up naturally for a big chain.

  1. Keep buying things for your aquarium.

Every new fish you buy for your aquarium will increase its beauty points by a certain amount. Once you reach enough beauty points, your aquarium will gain a star point, and you will receive a coin bonus. Keep buying things; there is no sense in saving up. Just make sure not to buy any duplicates. Always keep buying decor or fish you do not have already.

  1. Feed your fish.

The fish you buy have hunger meters. Over time, they will get hungry, of course. It is your job to come back to the game and make sure they are fed and happy. If you keep them fed enough, they will occasionally drop coins for you to collect.

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