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Tips & Tricks to ‘Kingdom Story: Brave Legion’

Kingdom Story gameplay explained.

Kingdom Story is one of most popular Three kingdoms based RPG mobile game in South East Asia consisting of strategic battles and building management gameplay, including constructing your own battle deck with famous characters such as Guan Yu, Lu Bu, Cao Cao and etc. from Three Kingdoms.

Kingdom Story uses an automated combat system where groups of up to six characters do battle, utilize special moves and traits, and can create combos and synergy, depending on what they can do/who they are historical. There are several modes to unlock as well, in addition to special events like Domination, where you conquer the Chinese cities and hold them for rewards.

Tips and Tricks in The Game

There are tons of warriors out there separated with their country nature, attack nature and most importantly, they are ranked by stars. Higher stars hero can be obtained through lottery or VIP rewards.

There is a base system in the game where you can build farms to generate energy for conquest, storage for larger area and so on. You will start off with a small military outpost. Farms, walls, mines, and even hot springs will come later into the game and you will be able to decide the location and outlook of the base. It is totally customizable. You can select heroes you wish to display at the homepage of your base.

Heroes lineup

There are many heroes in Kingdom Stories up for grab, ranging from Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, Gan Ning, Zhuge Liang and many more to collect. Strategically, your lineup should take advantage of team-up bonuses that come from characters’ relationships and buff bonus. Do note that certain heroes can only attack when they are placed in front. Hence, you might have to plan your lineup carefully.

Auto Combat and Clear Mode

The game has Auto Combat features which allow you to clear stages without you doing anything, which is a great feature for idle gaming players. Once you hit VIP 3, you will be able to clear stages without going through the animations to save time farming.


The format of this game is similar to many cash grabber games out there. For free to play players to survive in the game, the only way is to outplay your opponents will be to stay playing the game for as long as possible. Do not hop server and stay committed just to one server because more servers will be created on a weekly basis, chances of cash players hopping server in a bid of top 1 rank in an arena are very high. If you managed to outplay all these cash players, you might jolly well find yourself top 1 on an old server.

Pros and Cons


Cute Animations, the storyline follows 3 kingdom

Hero relationship bonuses enhance strategy gameplay


Long update before you are able to start the game

New servers created

VIP system heavily influences gameplay, tough for FTP players

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