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Shadow Fight 2: Tips for Beginners

Shadow Fight gameplay.

Since the advent of mobile games, Facebook and MiniClip games have been a part of our lives at some point at least. Not a single person hasn’t played games on his cellular phone while waiting for the doctor or just killing time when bored. Shadow Fight is one such game that has put “fight” into the games on mobile and Facebook. It is a game to be played through the touch screen system of a mobile or Tablet.


  • This game and its character’ moves remind you of classic fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Combat.
  • It renders martial arts-based fighters with unreal martial art moves against each other. The details in movements give it the edge over all mobile-based fighting games.
  • Most games that involve fights are not based on genuine contact between the characters. Still, Fighting Shadow blows your mind with how the characters hit each other with bare hands and feet.
  • However, some tools are used as secondary hitting objects. In other fighting games, the moves are pre-selected, which is not the case here.
  • You can actually create moves that are emulated by the ninja-style fighting characters.


  • The advantage of challenging your friend for a friendly match or a revengeful rematch is available by showing your FB profile picture in the health bar.
  • The Physics laws applied in fights are totally believable and give you an enjoyable experience.
  • Realistic weapons are available to be chosen before fights which can be unlocked.


  • It falls a little short as it battles the conventional gameplay of Facebook games; it falls in the same AI trap
  • You can win fights by pinning the opponent without dishing out many fighting moves.

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