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Beginner Tips & Tricks to ‘War Robots’ (2022)

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War Robots is a third-person action-based game using robots developed by Pixonic LLC for Android and iOS, where players can control their war robot on the battlefield. Matches can be one on one or as team battles ranging up to 6-on-6 battles. You can get to customize your robot later on to make it more challenging, faster, and more powerful.

In War Robots, you must destroy your enemies and capture beacons in desolate fields, all while managing to avoid your death. Your weapons will need to be upgraded as you become more experienced, increasing your robot’s combat strength, speed, and durability. Sixteen different battle robots with over 20 different types of weapons to choose from will allow you to customize your robot to your liking so you can fit it best to whatever situation you find yourself in.

War Robots: Beginner Setups

  1. Have a good internet connection

Games like this that need you to be in real-time must require a good internet connection. The reason for that is that you wouldn’t want to get disconnected most of the time.

  1. Choose an initial robot and grow.

When you start the game, you get to choose the equipment that your robot can use. There are different parts and styles that the player can place on their robot. In the beginning, players can only use one robot, so they have to rely mostly on customizing their robot. Players can choose to fight within melee range or snipe from a distance.

There are also those that choose whether they can be tanky or speedy depending on your needs. When you also get enough money and a good amount of equipment for your first robot, it is time to buy a second and maybe a third hangar. That way, you can have more robots to customize. You also don’t have to switch out equipment from time to time.

  1. Get in the action during battles.

You have to go where the action is because you get what you earn. Your numbers of kills and captured beacons during a battle are significant. However, the damage points are worth getting more, and somehow, I believe your level factors in with the damage points on the distribution of gold from victories. You can only earn gold if your team wins, though. For example, even if you beasted in the battle and your team sucked, so all of you will ultimately lose.

  1. Get the Beacons

Beacons are places in the game where you have to capture. There are usually five Beacons per level. The way to capture them is to stay near the area of the Beacon. Be mindful that enemy players will try to catch a Beacon. Just wipe out the enemy team and capture the Beacon of your target.

  1. Save your Gold

In this game, you will have silver, gold, and workshop points as money to purchase and upgrade your robots and equipment. Do not waste your gold on expediting any upgrade processes. Just learn patience and keep on battling while your upgrades are taking place. Use the gold to buy a slot or two so you can have more robots to battle with. After one dies, you’ll have more robots available to fight with instead of having to leave the competition or watch the battle continue without you!

  1. Upgrade wisely

I have learned from my mistakes of spending so much time and money upgrading my starter robots to higher levels when I should’ve purchased stronger robots and upgraded only those! Like all those money upgrading the puny ones, I should’ve bought a bigger one that is just as strong or stronger! When you have enough money saved up, change your robot up and go to the store and pick out a good robot to play with, considering the total health and speed of the robot. Also, the different perks each come with. Just click on the “?” to learn more about each robot.

  1. Do your daily tasks.

Every day, there are new daily tasks available for you to complete. There will be a description of each task and the opportunity of earning gold for completing them! CHANGE your tasks wisely! You can change the daily tasks TWICE a day for free; then it’ll start charging you gold to change them.

  1. Purchase as many WPs as possible

From my observations, I believe WPs are worth more than gold because the bad boy robots and equipment can only be purchased with the WPs. So be willing to buy as many WPs as possible with your silver or gold.

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