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Diablo Immortal: A Lavishly Developed Little Piece of Hell

Game scene from Diablo Immortal with the official logo of the game.

Little piece of hell that has been handsomely constructed for your joy. After all, this is a Diablo game.

Our grade:

Unsurprisingly, irksome free-to-play strategies pair just a little too well with Blizzard’s tried-and-true model. Dungeon crawling, monster slaying, and obtaining sweet loot are as addictive as ever.

The fan response to Blizzard’s initial announcement of Diablo Immortal was decidedly mixed. However, maybe the community can better appreciate this mobile game spin-off now that we have a Diablo II remaster and the promise of a full-fledged Diablo IV.

Diablo Immortal: Essentials

The gloomy adventure of Diablo Immortal, which takes place between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III, will have you battling your way through numerous demon-filled locales, including cemeteries, woods, and mountains.

Discover Sanctuary’s dark realm like never before in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), where angels and demons battle it out for control of the mortal realm in an eternal battle. To gather the broken pieces of the corrupted Worldstone and stop the Lord of Terror’s reappearance, team up with other gamers on an epic mission.

Fans of Diablo and newcomers to the game will embark on brand-new adventures in the game’s expansive open universe. Additionally, players will have plenty of chances to interact with other adventures in the Sanctuary universe.

Diablo Immortal is here – since June 2, 2022 – to support a robust MMORPG experience on iOS and Android, whether entering the battle arena, going on a raid through a dungeon, or upgrading equipment.


The forces of evil engage in an eternal conflict. Thankfully, Diablo Immortal’s fighting is so enjoyable that you won’t want to stop.

The gameplay is set for you to discover a deep Diablo story full of quests, enemies, and challenges never before seen in the Diablo franchise. So whether you like exploring every inch of the planet or battling through never-ending dungeons, Diablo Immortal has something for you.

You will have a large globe to explore, ranging from the war-torn surroundings of Wortham to the majestic city of Westmarch and the darkness of the Bilefen Jungle. You will encounter ever-evolving problems along your adventure as well as shifting environments.

During your gaming hours, you will find that six playable classes are included in the launch build:

  1. Barbarian;
  2. Crusader;
  3. Demon Hunter;
  4. Monk;
  5. Necromancer; and 
  6. Wizard.

The aesthetics, sound effects, speed, and ways that crunchy assaults collide with foes make the in-game combat satisfying. The only time the simulated touch screen controls became problematic might be when you have to hold the weapon and aim for an attack. When you lift your finger to release projectile strikes like the Necromancer’s Bone Spikes or the Monk’s Wave Strike, you can expect them to go off course periodically.

Overall, even if you don’t exceed your level, Diablo Immortal’s difficulty never gets too high, which may be done to make up for this possible imprecision. Also, although there isn’t a dodge roll like in the console versions of Diablo III, keyboard and mouse gamers should be comfortable with the control scheme. 

Game Atmosphere

Diablo Immortal exudes depth and assurance of being an original work. Numerous mobile games similar to Diablo are already available; however, you would always feel in the right place with this title.

Diablo Immortal stands out from the competitors in large part due to the quality of its production. The game was not put together carelessly. But, of course, you can know that Blizzard is a wealthy company going out and about to provide quality. Nevertheless, having money by itself won’t make a game appealing.

What makes the game appealing is the concept that Diablo holds. Whether getting rid of demons in a cemetery, defeating a king’s ghost gone crazy, or pursuing scorpion bandits across the desert, it is easy to always know where to go thanks to quick travel and distinct checkpoints. You are submerged in the story, and it is safe to say that you will never feel revoked or confused.

It is similar to Apex Legends Mobile or League of Legends: Wild Rift in that regard. 


The fantastic, PC-caliber graphics in Diablo Immortal provide a grim, gothic, and bloody mood. In fact, the game is being released for PC in addition to mobile devices, and the graphics are flawless.

You can clearly observe how life has been stripped from this planet. Compared to the comparatively comical Diablo III, the lack of colors edge more to the darkness of the upcoming Diablo IV. Veteran supporters should be pleased with that decision alone. 

Tech Compatibility

Diablo has already been available on portable devices owing to Diablo III on the Nintendo Switch. Still, Diablo Immortal seems like it was made exclusively for mobile platforms. 

You can easily play for hours on any iOS or Android device. The visual settings for this mobile game include options for frame rate, resolution, and many graphical adjustments. 

Expect to have no problems on any:

  • Android device with at least a Snapdragon 660 / Exynos 9611 processor and Android 5.0 or above; or 
  • an iPhone 6s with iOS 11 or newer.

Diablo Immortal: F2P or P2P

Despite some of the drawbacks of being a free-to-play mobile game, Diablo Immortal functions just like a Diablo game that happens to be on your phone.

The title is definitely a F2P game, but actual money can still be used for incentives and products.

Despite Blizzard’s assurances that this won’t affect the balance of the main gameplay, it’s difficult not to fear another Diablo III real-money house auction scenario. Yet, you can expect not to be offended by the paying model, and it is definitely not impossible to keep up with “pay-to-win” players.

Review Summary

You will be drawn into the same Diablo loot loop that has kept players addicted for years.

Although the game thrives as daily, bite-sized, action-packed portions of devilishly fun dungeon-crawling mayhem, the tempo may try your patience if you’re not ready to pay extra.

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