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Achieve more on Words with Friends 2

Words with Friends 2 poster.

Ready to see who can figure out most words among your friends?

Words with Friends 2 is the sequel to Zynga’s original word game, i.e., Words with Friends. However, it was released after quite some time, which didn’t affect its fan base. Its fans all around the world are excited to try out this sequel of their favorite game. Words with Friends 2 has been launched with a lot of new features, two of which are online mode and new power-ups.

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Now, you can play your favorite game in an online mode that lets you compete with some of the best players globally. To take them on, you need to have the edge over them.

Words with Friends 2: Tips and Tricks to Earn More Points

Here are some tricks and tips for you to play like a pro:

  1. Get Familiar

In order to get an excellent start to possibly any game, whether it’s on your electronic device or an outdoor game, you need to learn the basics, the core of the game. Words with Friends 2 is similar to Scrabble. You will have a board with random squares on it, which contain letters. Your objective is to make as many words as you can from the set of random letters. If you’re lucky, some of the squares might contain double letters or even triple letters. The player with the most words gets the highest points and wins the game.

  1. Create combinations

A great trick to have up your sleeve is combinations. Keep trying a different combination of words. There’s no reason for you to stop after making just one word. Try to outgrow that one word into a bigger word. For instance, if you have a three-word combination, let’s say ‘SIR.’ Try to think of letters that could help it grow, such as ‘E.’ Grow a simple ‘SIR’ into a ‘SIRE.’ Now, try to enhance it further. You can turn this ‘SIRE’ into ‘SIREN’ and turn the tides of the game in your favor.

  1. Multiple Opponents

Why waste time on one opponent if you can take on multiple opponents at the same time? Words with Friends 2 allows you to challenge numerous opponents. You can play simultaneously with three opponents. This will help you score more points, hence increasing your speed in unlocking your daily achievements. There is a ‘Your Turn’ section displayed on the menu, which will help you know when it’s time for you to make a move. Make sure you keep checking it; otherwise, your opponents will keep waiting for your turn.

  1. Lightning Round

Before using this tip, you need to be sure that you can come up with words quicker than your opponent.

The newly added feature in Words with Friends 2 is probably the most loved part of the game right now. In this round, two teams of five members are made, which compete with each other. The fundamental element of this mode is ‘no wait time.’ The teams need to come up with as many words as possible, making it really hard to think under pressure. The first team to score 750 points wins the game. It can work in your favor if you’re efficient and quick.

  1. Invite Friends

The easiest way to earn coins in the game is to invite your friends. It is a lot quicker and easier than winning different events to earn coins in the game. You simply send the invitation to your friends. Reward coins are given to you with every accepted invitation. One rule that should be followed here is that your friend needs to play a game with you in order for you to get reward coins.

  1. Don’t Save Letters

It might seem that saving letters is a good idea, but honestly, it’s not. Saving the letters is putting a limit on the score you can make. Yes, you will score good points if you have all seven letters at your disposal, but you won’t be able to score a home run if you don’t take chances. So, even if you want to, try to save as fewer letters as possible. With these tips and tricks up your sleeve, your opponents are not going to know what hit them.

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