Apple Watch 6 – Improvements and New Features Part 1

In 2015, Apple released its first-ever smartwatch. In just over four years, the company has tweaked its smartwatch several times, releasing versions that have met high praise from some wearers. Apple devotees and there are a lot of you out there, will consider Apple Watch 6 to be another home run. Others won’t feel quite so happy with the company’s latest smartwatch offering. It is that polarizing opinion that has plagued the Apple Watch from the start as judgments on the product vary.

The most important distinction to make from the off is that the Apple Watch is far and away from the top smartwatch on the market. Samsung and Google simply cannot hold a candle to the Apple Watch. Yet, there are still things Apple can improve to make the Apple Watch better.

For the most part, Apple didn’t botch the release of the Apple Watch 6. There was nothing unnecessarily added or taken away that will make wearers angry. The problem lies in the lack of major breakthroughs that make the Apple Watch 6 a must-have. Of course, you can argue that Apple cannot make any significant additions to make the watch better.

With a price beginning at $399, you may have wanted more significant updates. Rather than major additions and updates, Apple put small improvements into the series 6 smartwatch. Unfortunately, where the Apple Watch 6 truly misses is in the updates that have been made are mostly for a minority of wearers. For example, the smartwatch’s major addition is a blood oxygen monitoring system. The average wearer and tech-savvy individual will never use this feature.

Apple Watch 6: What are the new features?

The series 6 Apple Watch comes in new color options. You can select from a range of colors including red, blue, space grey, graphite, and space black to name a few. In terms of the way it looks, the Apple Watch 6 looks very much like the offerings to come before it. The new blood oxygen monitor sensor is one of the most noticeable aspects of the new series. The sensors on the bottom of the watch are for the blood oxygen monitor and are easy to see.

Screen size comes in two options, 44mm and 40mm. The screen is clean and clear just as wearers have come to expect from the Apple device.

One of the updated features fans of Apple Watch are bound to love is the faster charging times. Charging times are not revolutionarily fast, but you can power up your smartwatch more quickly than in previous editions. Some users have claimed it takes around two hours to charge the Apple Watch 6 from zero percent battery to 100 percent.

Smartwatch wearers that take advantage of sleep tracking can wear their device when they head off to bed. There is a new sleep tracking built-in app that offers insights into your sleep habits. Apple’s WatchOS 7 powers the device, but it is easy to notice that the series 6 watch is difficult to differentiate between previous models. In fact, Apple has released a variety of smartwatches at various price points, flooding the market. The good news is the features offered by the more expensive series 6 options are not vital. You can get the best features even at the lowest price point.



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