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Coin Master: Daily Spin Links & Free Coins

Coin Master: FAQ and free spins links on

The distribution slows to a crawl once you’ve used all of the free spins you were granted when you first started the game.

Every hour, five free spins are awarded, but there are additional free spins giveaways through various Moon Active campaigns. In this Coin Master article, we’ll outline how you can occasionally score some Coin Master bonuses and a few free spins.

Coin Master: Free Daily Spin Links & Coins

Coin Master poster with "Free spins" text on it.

When it comes to Coin Master, there are only two types of people: those who despise all it stands for; and those who don’t know any better and just become dependent on it.

If you’re not already familiar with Coin Master, here are some interesting facts about it.

Coin Master FAQ

Do daily links expire?

Yes, the links we provide daily expire after three days. For this reason, we only offer links for today and the two days prior.

How can you get more free spins and coins?

The following advice will enable you to earn even more free spins in Coin Master:

  • Sign up for email gifts;
  • Invite friends;
  • Watch video ads;
  • Level up your village;
  • Participate in events;
  • Follow Coin Master on social media;
  • Wait for the hourly refresh of 5 spins.

What can you do with coins in the game?

Coins can be used to purchase chests, each with a different number of collectible cards. When you finish a set of cards, you are rewarded with more spins and occasionally pets, which raise your prizes for completing the game’s different tasks.

What is Coin Master?

The game isn’t really brand-new. In fact, it was first made available in 2010. The organization that created it, Moon Active, published a fresh trailer on YouTube in June last year. After a year, this game has somehow become incredibly popular on social media.

Building and upgrading structures, attacking other players’ bases, defending against incoming attacks, and earning currency are all possible in the build and battler Coin Master.

How to play?

The game now substantially emulates a virtual slot machine. Although the initial 2010 idea might have been different, coins are the game’s primary objective, just as the title says. Over time, you slowly accrue spins, which you then use to spin a slot machine for cash, assaults, raids, shields, or additional spins.

The game also has a village-building component, where you may construct and improve structures in your community using the coins you win from the slot machine. However, as far as we can tell, other than getting stars whenever you upgrade a structure, the buildings – and hence the village itself – do absolutely nothing. The stars also don’t accomplish anything.

But, you get to attack and raid other people’s communities for extra money with the attacks and raids and whatever you win from the slot machine!

Can you play with friends?

Yes, you can do everything a mobile social game can. So, when it comes to playing with others, why not play with your buddies instead of random people?

You can bombard your friends with offers to play, bug them to give you free goods, or raid the villages of those who play simply by connecting your Facebook account when you launch the game.

The social mechanics might be too intense for some; hence if you lose any pals, don’t blame the game!

What happens after all village structures have been upgraded to the highest level? 

You obtain access to a new village where you can restart your upgrading. More gameplay means more opportunities to win coins and stars. Hey, it’s in the name, after all. Nothing else you could expect besides aiming to become the Coin Master.

Is this game pay-to-play?

If you’re eager and just want to gain a lot of coins faster than you can in the game. You can purchase more coins with real-life money you can spend on the game.

Although a few million coins would only require you to play the slot machine for a bit longer, you can simply exchange $40 to get to the same prize.

How does Coin Master monetize?

According to Sensor Tower, the social and interactive game Coin Master by Moon Active has generated more than $508 million worldwide sales.

Since its release in 2010, Coin Master has received more than 81 million downloads, with an average income per download presently at $6.20. Essentially, the game works to stimulate the gambling factor within players, luring them into paying real money for in-game feats or watching ads to the same outcome for Moon Active.

What do people say about the game?

The YouTube videos for Moon Active, essentially just advertisements for the game, all have more disapproval than approval. People trashing the game itself are also ordinary in the comment sections.

Since utilizing a slot machine feature to gain coins is the game’s primary goal, many internet reviews beg parents to act together to outlaw this game for promoting gambling in kids. Additionally, there are numerous requests for money to advance in this game, so parents should be careful to keep an eye on how much time is spent playing and any in-app purchases.

The majority of people online share a common negative experience with the game.

Still, negative publicity is better than none, right?

What makes Coin Master so compelling?

Players can quickly become gambling addicts thanks to the game’s straightforward interface and the use of psychological tricks found in casino games. However, knowing these tricks may prevent you from falling into a rabbit hole.

That concludes our Coin Master free spins guide pretty much. However, why not check our Coin Master review now if you’re after a little more about the game?

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