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Cyberpunk 2077 In-Depth Guide

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Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world gaming platform that provides you with many opportunities to explore. In addition, Cyberpunk can scale up your gaming experience with missions and several side quests. However, it is essential to look into certain factors before starting your journey in Cyberpunk 2077.

This guide will walk you through the things to know before exploring Night City with V. We will also look at Cyberpunk 2077’s map and how long it will take you to complete the missions.

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Things to know before you start Cyberpunk 2077

As you venture through the streets and cities of Night City, there are several things that you will have to consider. From completing story missions to exploring the world, here are a few tips to enhance your gaming experience!

  • In Cyberpunk 2077, there are three life paths to choose from: Street Kid, Corpo, and Nomad. You can choose any of them. The life path you opt for does not affect your mission or storyline. As it purely depends upon the choices you make while playing Cyberpunk. However, the only difference is in the dialogue options and the game introduction.
  • When you play Cyberpunk 2077, you don’t have to hurry through different missions and sub-missions. You can take your time to complete them. Do participate in sub-missions, as it will provide you with several perks and weapons. These are resources that can assist you in completing several principal missions. Participating in sub-missions can unlock alternative endings for the same game.
  • There are many weapons, gear, and health items that you can muster while playing Cyberpunk 2077. Aside from adding them to your inventory, you can always sell them. When you play the game, you might notice several vendor machines. You can sell these weapons there. You can trade for money whenever your inventory is full. If there are new items that you would like to add to your reserve, you can always use these vendors to gain them too. Apart from that, you can disassemble these weapons to get their parts.
  • It is essential to have food items and drinks while in the game. Even though there are different food items available, most of them have the same effect. So, there won’t be any difference between whether you consume tacos or chocolates. When you have energy drinks, there is a 10% increase in your stamina. However, if you rely on alcohol, there are some side effects. They include a 50% reduction in your weapon’s accuracy, and your movement speed decreases by 10%.
  • While in Night City, you might have to wait a few hours to receive updates as calls for most missions. Under such circumstances, you can always skip time. Here, you will be fast-forwarding your time up to 24 hours. When you do so, you will receive updates once you have leaped the time.
  • Sometimes you might have more weapons with you than you require. If you don’t want to sell or disassemble them, you can always store these weapons and gears in your vehicle. Whether a car or a motorbike, you can have these weapons stocked if your vehicle has trunk space. However, you can only place your weapons in the vehicles you own. If it is a vehicle that you have taken from the streets, you cannot use it for storing your gears and weapons.
  • It is essential to upgrade your cyber-ware while you are in Night City. You can do so by meeting with Ripperdocs. There are different Ripperdocs on Cyberpunk 2077, and each one of them offers various kinds of upgrades. You have to visit them regularly to know about the updates. You also need to have sufficient cash on you to gain them. For instance, you can improve your walking speed in Cyberpunk 2077 by opting for Robolegs. You can get double jumps from Reinforced Tendons, which is a Ripperdoc. Similarly, you can gain boost jumps from Fortified Angles. For these purchases, you will require 45 thousand Eddies on Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Attributes and perks are two essential factors that play a crucial role in Cyberpunk 2077. There are five sections of Attributes. You can access them from the character menu. You can always increase them by utilizing your Attribute points. Apart from that, you can improve your sprint, an attribute, by jumping. Though you can also boost your perks with your points, it depends mostly on your specific skills.

These are a few things that can guide you while adventuring through the different avenues of Night City in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Map

Knowing Cyberpunk’s map before playing it can boost your gaming experience. Once you comprehend it, you may not find any difficulties with its dense streets and icons. In Cyberpunk 2077, there are six districts, its sub-districts, Badlands, and outlying areas. Each place is distinct from the others. There are wealthy regions to gang-controlled locations in these cities. The six cities in Cyberpunk 2077 are – Watson, Pacifica, Westbrook, Santa Domingo, City Centre, and Heywood. While exploring these cities, you can camp in different spots. You can visit these cities while you are taking part in distinct missions.

How long does it take to complete Cyberpunk 2077?

It depends on your decisions while playing Cyberpunk 2077, which is highly subjective. For instance, if you plan to complete only the primary mission without indulging in any submissions, you may complete it within 15 to 20 hours. Unfortunately, you may not receive the best ending here, and you may miss many things too.

If you decide to play Cyberpunk by focusing on some side-missions, you can finish it in 45 to 50 hours. Here, your ending will purely depend on the decisions you make. To attain the whole experience, however, completing all the gigs and side-missions might take 80 to 100 hours.

What are the best Cyberpunk 2077 mods?

Initially, there weren’t many mods available on Cyberpunk, apart from the Hair and Colour Changer for V. The new modding support tool update, however, introduces several new mods on Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077’s mods can enhance your gaming experience from a third-person camera perspective to vehicle handling.

Here are a few things to ensure before you update the mods of Cyberpunk 2077.

  • It is essential to have an updated version of Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt RED.
  • Before you download and install any new mods, check whether you have the recent update for Cyberpunk 2077. Since several updates are available for Cyberpunk 2077, you need to have the latest version.

Once you have the updates, you can head to the game page on Nexus Mods, a modding distribution hub. Start by installing a few mods before you proceed with the other mods. These essential mods include :

  1. CP 77 Tools Mod – It helps you to get other mods onboard.
  2. Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Manager – This platform keeps track of all the mods you add.
  3. Cyber Engine Tweaks Mod – It is also a mod that helps run other mods.

After installing these mods, you can continue with the other mods’ download and installation. Here are the five best mods to incorporate into your Cyberpunk 2077.

JB-TPP MOD WIP Third Person

To download this mod, you will require Cyber Engine Tweaks Mod. Once you install JB-TPP MOD WIP Third Person, you can view the game from V’s perspective. You can zoom in and out and always move back to the first person’s point of view. However, you might find difficulties when you crouch, and sometimes V’s head might disappear.

Better Minicap Mod

You can install Better Minicap Mod once you have CP 77 Tools Mod. With this, you can easily navigate around Night City. Here, you will receive improvements with the Minicap. For instance, you can alter your map with a compass. With this update, you will also attain four levels of zoom options.

Cyberpunk Automation Reshade-True HDR

When you play Cyberpunk 2077 on your PC, you can enhance its quality using this Mod. Here, it will provide an HDR experience and improve shading and texture.

Better Vehicle Handling

Cyberpunk 2077 has futuristic vehicles that might be difficult to drive. When you play Cyberpunk 2077, you might fly off the corners. Once you have a Better Vehicle Handling Mod, you can move smoothly. It will enhance your gaming experience.

Unlock Night City

You will require Cyber Engine Tweaks Mod to install Unlock Night City Mod. With this, you can participate in role-plays and enter certain mission-specific regions. Along with that, you can enjoy these places with no disturbances. Delamain HQ and Clouds are places you can visit with this Mod.

Apart from this mod, there are several other Mods too. Alternate Crowd Behaviour provides you with three settings. Dynamic and Stable Pedestrians are two of them. You can also control traffic settings with this Mod. Mods can enhance your gaming experience on Cyberpunk 2077.

What are the three life paths in Cyberpunk 2077, and how do you choose them?

Cyberpunk 2077 offers three life paths for you to choose from: Street Kid, Nomad, and Corpo. The difference between them is that they have diverse opening missions, dialogues, and origins. Apart from that, there aren’t any noticeable changes. You can select a life path based on their backstory. Let’s look at them, and you can choose one based on your interests.

Corpo Life path

Here, you will begin your game from Arasaka Tower, which plays a significant role as the game proceeds. First, you would meet with Big Bosses in their office and later on meet with your friend. Then, six months later, you will quit Arasaka Tower to join as a mercenary in Night City.

Street Kid Life path

You are born and brought up in Watson, a district in Night City. However, you leave the place for a while. After returning, the Barman seeks your help to deal with Kirk. You decide to take up a job offered by Kirk and, later on, return to Night City.

Nomad Life path

Here, the game starts in Badlands. After leaving your nomad clan, you are on the road, repairing your car. You meet with a smuggler, and you travel with him to Night City. Once you complete this mission, you can, later on, return to Badlands to recover your car. It is the only life path where you can access something you have used in your backstory. These are the three life paths you can choose from for V.

However, once you complete these initial tasks, you will reach the same apartment. The choices you receive are also similar.

What are the different hacks on Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 comes with many hacking options. Through this, you can play the game smoothly and overcome several challenges. There are two main types of hacks in Cyberpunk 2077. These are quick hacks and breach protocols.

You can purchase quick hacks from Ripperdocs and shops. Along with that, you can achieve them as mission rewards too. However, it is essential to have a powerful Operative System and RAM for these hacks. With them, you can weaken your enemies, wipe out their memories, cancel combats, etc.

You must attain the proper sequence to achieve the hacks with breach protocols. You can extract cash and other resources or even turn off your enemies’ cameras here.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game with a lot to explore. Before you play Cyberpunk, it is essential to have a detailed understanding of the game. There are several things to consider, from finding the right weapons to completing different missions. Here, in this guide, we will walk you through four key aspects of the game. We will examine the number of acts, best weapons, and how to make money on Cyberpunk 2077.

What are the acts of Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 has two acts. Once you complete the principal part, an epilogue will deal with other interesting aspects. Apart from that, in the beginning, each life path has a unique opening and a prologue. You can play the game by exploring Night City and engaging in different sub-missions and gigs. By doing so, you can improvise your narrative and achieve additional content. Before you end the final mission, you can return to the Open World. Here, you can explore the cities of Night City and Badland before you finish the game. It is something that can enhance your entire gaming experience.

What are the best weapons available on Cyberpunk 2077?

There are different weapons that you can access on Cyberpunk. You can use snipers, pistols, knives, and various guns. You can find the best guns that suit your needs from shops, completing missions, streets, Ripperdocs, etc. These weapons have numerous features too. For example, some of them come with inbuilt muzzles and scopes. Additionally, you can add attachments and mods to your guns.

Weapons are available under three categories on Cyberpunk 2077. They are Power, Smart, and Tech weapons.

  • Most guns that you find on Cyberpunk 2077 are Power weapons. You can use them to shoot at things you aim for, and with the help of mods, you can see where they hit.
  • For powerful shots, it is always better to use Tech weapons. They can pass through walls and hit your enemy. However, timing plays a crucial role in these weapons.
  • Smart weapons are rare to find. You might only find one of them in a game. While searching your inventory, you can recognize them as they have a striped background. They also have extra features.

These are the three types of weapons you can find on Cyberpunk 2077. Now, let’s look at the best weapons in Cyberpunk 2077.


Skinny is a smart pistol that you can find in Heywood. It is available in the North West of a river. It is on the border of the Glen and Vista Del Rey. Here, you can find a yellow cross and a dead body will be holding a pistol close to it. You can either activate Stone-Cold Killer or Puppy Pacifist mode.

With the first one, you can have headshots in crowded regions. It is highly beneficial in killing enemies like Cyberpsychos. With Puppy Pacifist, you can perform non-lethal attacks. However, once you complete 50 kills on Stone-Cold Killer, it will automatically shift to Puppy Pacifist.

M251S Ajax

It is an assault rifle that you can only gain by killing your enemies. It is an automatic-balanced rifle too. You can use it for headshots, even in crowded places. With this gun, you won’t miss any of your shots.

Mantle Blades

You can only get Mantle Blades from a Ripperdoc. You must pay the Ripperdoc 25 thousand Eddies in cash to purchase Mantle Blades. Mantle Blades are Melle weapons.

There are many benefits of having them in Cyberpunk 2077. First, you can use it to slice your enemies. Then, you can dismember your enemy’s limbs when you employ it as a combo.


Lizzie is a Tech pistol that you can get from Lizzie’s bar. You can only achieve it after you complete Automated Love, a mission. You will find a white table in the corner when you visit the bar. You could see this pink and powerful pistol there. With this, you can attain an extra round of shots.


It is a sniper rifle you can receive as a reward for completing the Storm mission. Once you finish it, Panam will give you Overwatch. It is a sniper with custom silencers and has a high loading speed. With this, you can increase the damage caused by a headshot.

These are some of the best guns you can find on Cyberpunk 2077. However, you cannot move around by holding your weapon everywhere. You have to cover them in some places to avoid any adverse impacts.

How to make money on Cyberpunk 2077?

It is essential to have cash with you while you play Cyberpunk 2077. Night Life’s currency is Eddies, the short form of Eurodollars. Its symbol has both Euro and Dollars. You require money for various purposes. From buying clothes to updating cyber-ware, you want money. Whether you plan to purchase something from a weapon vendor or a Ripperdoc, it is the same.

Initially, you might only have Nadas. In the beginning, you may find it tough to afford different things. However, as you progress in the game, you can make money. In Cyberpunk 2077, there are two ways to make money.

  1. You can make money by completing missions. Sub-missions and gigs are other ways by which you can attain some extra cash.
  2. You can help the NCPD reduce crime in a region by taking down gangs in that area.
  3. You have to loot everything while stealing. Once you have enough with you, you can sell things that you don’t require. You can do that with the weapon vendors. Along with that, you can also sell food items and drinks.
  4. When you pick up things to sell, try to find higher-value items. If things are valuable, you can attain a higher price. For instance, you can get more money if you plan to sell higher-tier weapons.

These are the few ways you can make extra cash while playing Cyberpunk. You can purchase many new weapons and other things with the money you earn from the game. You can even respec your characters to an extent with cash. Once you start Cyberpunk 2077, you have many factors to explore, while enjoying the play as V, a mercenary outlaw.

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