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Dislyte: Comprehensive Guide to a Fast Early Game Progression

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Although Dislyte is a fresh MMORPG with a wealth of content for newcomers, slowing or even a complete halt in your advancement is possible after a certain period.

Undoubtedly, without a clear game plan, you may find yourself in a rut after playing Dislyte for a while, unsure of what to do or how to strengthen your account so you can go on more quickly.

How to progress faster in Dislyte?

In this Dislyte’s progression guide, you will find 6 fundamental aspects of the game to focus your time and resources on so you can continue advancing through the game.

Strengthen your Espers and team dynamics

In Dislyte, the most fundamental step to success is to find the optimal make-up for your team. 

The game has a large number of espers, but not all of them are reliable or compatible with one another. Even if your team does a quick work of Kronos, it doesn’t mean you’ll fare as well in Story with the same lineup. For this reason, it’s crucial that you have a firm grasp on the team composition you’ll be employing and the espers you’ll be focusing on.

Currently, a wide variety of Espers is available, making it hard to come up with one unique choice for your team’s make-up that will work in multiple situations. Instead, use the Dislyte tier list and Team Composition guide as a starting point for your analysis. You can put together a powerful team with their support that will propel you forward.

Once you have a solid squad assembled, you can continue to improve them through Courses and Achievements by increasing their stats, levels, relics, and other perks.

Opt-in for the in-game Courses & Achievements

You can get useful tools for speeding up your advancement in Dislyte by completing its Courses and earning its Achievements.

As a beginner player, your primary objective should be to complete all Courses, as they feature a wide variety of awards that may be used to improve your Espers’ stats.

Courses are helpful not only because of the benefits they offer but also because of how they might help you understand the game. Whenever you first visit the Courses section, you will notice that several quests are waiting for you. But that is not only in your beginner stages. Instead, courses include many tasks over the game that reach nearly every corner of Dislyte. The way they work is that the more powerful your Espers are, the further you’ll go.

Other than courses, you have achievements as well. The best part about achieving goals is the free stuff you get to keep, and there are a ton of easy-peasy milestones that you should definitely check out.

Focus on your strongest Espers

You might have a tough time if you’re a beginner F2P player. Thus, your greatest goal should be to master the free-to-play Espers out there who can help you master the game as well. Those include:

  • Li Ling, 
  • Drew, 
  • Chang Pu, 
  • Unky Chai, 
  • Fabrice, 
  • Gabrielle, 
  • Melanie, and 
  • a few others.

You should put all of your resources into them, as you will use them frequently both early and late in the game, at least until you find stronger Espers. If your favorite Espers are not at their maximum level yet, then you need to enter story mode and complete Practice Stages until you max them.

Farm experience to level up your Espers

The Dislyte Practice Stages are an excellent approach to advancing your Espers’ levels. You can complete the drill with less-than-maximum-level espers, then as your Esper level rises, you’ll unlock new abilities and statistics.

If you want to advance in levels and reap the game’s many other benefits, undertake a practice stage every day.

You can complete Sonic Miracles and Ritual Miracles if you get stuck on the tutorial levels.

Dislyte Esper Fusion

Fusing espers in Dislyte might be tricky for inexperienced players, but it’s a necessary evil. In order to strengthen your team, you can merge Gabrielle and Fabrice, two very potent espionage specialists. So, keep an eye on your progression and fuse them as soon as you can if you get stuck.

Use in-game content to your advantage

Sonic Miracle is the finest spot to Ascend your espers; therefore, do all in your power to achieve this. Try to farm the highest levels in order to obtain Ascend for your esper, and then attempt to Push higher levels in Ritual Miracle.

Ritual Miracle provides you with numerous potent relics, and what’s even better is that you can use ally espers. Donar and other friends’ espers who can clear Ritual Miracle on their own should be borrowed.

Ritual Miracle is most effective in Stages 9 and 10, as lower levels are not profitable.

The expansion of Spatial Tower is one of the most influential objectives you should pursue. You must quickly reach level 100 in order to get Legendary Esper Lucas, who is effective against Kronos. 

Play consistently

You should set realistic expectations for your game advance, especially if you’re a new player. Do not expect to accomplish all in the first week. Instead, ensure that you have fun when playing the game every day. It will lead you to the same thriving destination where you will be rewarded with powerful espers, but the journey will be much more pleasant.

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