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Game of War: Fire Age – Real ‘Must-Know’ Tips

Game of War: Fire Age poster with cyclops.

Game of War is a 2D Strategy MMO game available on iOS and Android platforms whereby players can build their empire in Ancient Greece, upgrade structures, train warriors, and join Alliances to get help from others or even participate in group warfare.

Game of War is built on a framework that is very similar to multiplayer mobile strategy games. You play the part of a king who wants to build the most powerful kingdom possible in a game world full of other players with the same aim.

10 must-know tips and tricks to Game of War: Fire Age

  1.  The Basics Behind Game of War: Fire Age

Game of War: Fire Age is a real-time strategy and building simulation game. Players can train armies and construct buildings that can be used for offensive and defensive purposes. You also have to join allegiances, which is especially important as allies can share resources as well as help each other in their respective tasks. Aside from working together, players can also attack each other, and the winning team will be able to gain additional resources as rewards.

  1.  Hook Up With A Local Alliance

Do not play the lone wolf role during your time with the game. You will have an easier time dealing with rival armies just as long as you adopt some alliances. Pick the right options, and you will surely have the support you will need in those tight situations. Alliances also help to make construction easier. Make sure you return the favor to your pals by paying attention to the goals you see when you take a peek under the “Alliances” tab. The more you help your alliances, the more loyalty points and gold you will obtain.

  1.  Take Advantage of Resource Fields

After building a decent army, look for resource fields on the map and occupy them. You’ll probably find quite a few unoccupied ones. First, it is a good idea to go for them too. Also, keep in mind that you should go for the resources that you lack (iron, for example). The interesting about occupying is that you do not permanently own that area once occupied; just harvest it until troops get to maximum capacity, and then they automatically return home with the loot.

  1.  Stock Up on Hospitals

It is better to have more hospitals set up around your stronghold than tons of dead soldiers (DUH!). Hospitals help heal your troops and rebuild your defenses quicker. More hospitals meant more rebuilt fortresses and more healed soldiers.

  1.  Stock Up on All The Resources You Find in Chests

Resources are primary when it comes to keeping all your buildings healthy, which in turn keeps your soldiers healthy. Some of the buildings you end up constructing can also produce resources. You can obtain resources by opening up chests and playing the in-game lottery. These resources do not directly move over to your overall resource pile; they go to your inventory. Keep some of these resources stockpiled in your items menu, so they will not have a higher risk of being stolen from your resource pile.

  1.  Take Advantage of The Game’s Peace Period By Building Barracks and Hospitals

You immediately enter a peace period at the start of the game, but it will not last long. Make sure you create plenty of barracks and hospitals and have the necessary number of troops needed to fend off attacks. Once the period ends, someone will come for you.

  1.  The Red Dotted Lines Indicate The Future Presence of a Rival Army

Watch out for red dotted lines. It indicates that a rival army is about to conquer that territory. Let them move in and do their business. Once they do, and if they do not overtake the area, you can easily move in and finish the job. Watch your numbers, though.

  1.  Choose Quests That Have Better Rewards

The better the rewards you have, the better the quest; this implies that you should not always pick the quests with higher levels. Just pick the quests that award you with the resource rewards that you need. If you are desperate to get the right resource items for your operation, pick lower-level quests that have them.

  1. Hide Your Troops in Empty Areas With No Resources

Another way to hide troops from getting attacked so that you do not even have to use the hospitals is to occupy an empty area of land with no resources (thus, something that nobody else will want to attack) and send any troops there that you want to hide. Send them back whenever you need them for defense or simply attack other players from the encampment.

  1. Pay Attention to All The Recipes You Have in Your Forge

The more daily requests you complete, the more crafting items you will procure. Put those crafting items toward the new item recipes you will see in your forge. Duplicate items can be formed together to produce new items, which leads to new item recipes.

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