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How to Make Flying Possible in Minecraft for iPhone and Android

How to make flying possible in Minecraft for iPhone and Android?

Maps in “Minecraft” can be huge, so it’s not surprising that many players prefer to fly instead of walk. When you fly in “Minecraft,” you can get from one place to another faster and without stopping at mountains, trees, or bodies of water.

Avid Minecraft players know that there are multiple ways to fly in each mode. However, if you do not know the correct steps, flying may appear too complicated. Yet, if you want to know how to enable flight in Minecraft, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll learn how to fly in a variety of game modes, including Survival mode, with the help of the guidelines provided on this page.

Quick Guide to Flying in Minecraft on Android and iPhone

In Minecraft, the ability to fly is one of the most sought-after features; thus, it’s essential to know how to activate it across all game modes. 

If you’re playing Minecraft Pocket Edition on an Android or iPhone, you won’t have a lot of flying options. In fact, you have the following options:

  1. You should either find Elytra; or 
  2. Utilize a cheat code.

Depending on the mode you choose to play, you can avoid the hassle of traveling to End City by using cheats to gain access to a flying vehicle. But that is only if you play in Creative or Spectator mode. Suppose you want to fly in Survival mode across many devices, though. In that case, you’ll have to find a wearable item called Elytra before you can fly.

No matter how you play “Minecraft,” here’s everything you need to know about getting off the ground. 

How to Fly in Minecraft Using a Cheat Code

If you wish to fly using a command, you will need to make sure that the cheats are turned on before you can keep playing. Once cheats are enabled, the entire Minecraft world is vulnerable to rule changes.

You’ll know you’ve entered Creative mode since the hunger and experience meters will disappear.

This is how to enable cheats in Minecraft PE:

  1. Select Settings from the main menu.
  2. Scroll down on the right until you see “Cheats.”
  3. Turn on the cheats and leave the menu.

You can now use a cheat code to fly when you play in Creative or Spectator mode in your Minecraft world. If you jump twice or press F12, you’ll jump higher and start to fly. You can control how high or low you fly by pressing the jump and sneak buttons. When you’re close to your goal, you can land safely.

To avoid dying and having to start over, avoid falling into the void, such as the space between the islands in The End.

Keep in mind that players connected to your world won’t receive accomplishments while you have cheats activated. They could, of course, use codes to improve their gaming skills, but achievements won’t work until the game is over.

Flying in Minecraft Using the Mayfly Command

To enable flying in Bedrock and Education Editions of Minecraft, you’ll need to use a different syntax. Mayfly is a command that can be used to see if a player can fly.

Type “/ability < player’s name> <true/false>” to give a player the ability to fly.

In Minecraft, the best way to run a command is to type it into the chat window. In most versions of Minecraft, all you have to do to open the window and type command is press T. Follow these steps to make a player able to fly with the mayfly command:

  1. If you press T, the chatbox will open.
  2. Put “/ability @player mayfly true” in the box.
  3. To run the command, press Enter.
  4. Once the cheat is activated, you will see “Ability has been updated” in the top left corner.

Can you fly in the Survival Mode of Minecraft?

There is only one way to fly in Survival mode, and that is with Elytra.

You can get the wings and the rocket that shoots fireworks by going to the End city. You can fly through space and go wherever you want with them.

You need to be careful because the rocket on your back can hurt you if you don’t use your skin to shield yourself.

How to use the Elytra in “Minecraft” to fly

If you are wondering how to use Elytra, most likely, you’re playing in Survival mode, making you one of the brave and most patient players in the game. To fly in Survival mode, however, you will first have to obtain the rare Elytra item, which is somewhere in an End Ship.

Your proper course of action involves the following:

  1. Finding the Elytra

In the farthest parts of The End, where the Ender Dragon lives, there are ships. When you defeat the Ender Dragon, two portals appear: one leads to the outer End islands, and the other brings you to the credits and back home. 

If you are patient enough, you can also construct a bridge connecting the Ender Dragon’s lair to End city. Just keep in mind that the nearest island is over 1K blocks away. Thus, it is going to take a very long time and a lot of resources.

If you go this way, create a spawn point by putting a bed near your portal to the End world, since you could die if you fall out of the world.

No matter how you get there, the best way to find the Elytra once you find an End City on one of the faraway islands is to get on an End Ship. Just over half of the End Cities have one of these ships.

Inside the ship, there is a floor made of black Obsidian blocks.

There, you’ll find the Elytra in an item frame, guarded by a Shulker and surrounded by two chests that you should also open. To get the Elytra, you have to break the item frame.

  1. Learning how to fly with the Elytra

The way you fly with Elytra is very different from how you fly in Creative and Spectator mode. It’s more like gliding, and you can’t glide forever. You can get around that, though, if you use fireworks while you glide.

To use the Elytra, you’ll need to put your wings in the chest plate slot of your character. From there, climb to a high place, let go, and press the jump key once to start flying.

Be aware of the laws of physics as you fly with Elytra. If you fly at too sharp of an angle, you can stop moving forward and fall out of the sky. And if you hit the ground or a wall too quickly, you could die.

If your legs start to shake when you’re gliding with an Elytra, it means you’re losing height. If you’re not ready to go down yet, put a firework rocket in your hot bar and use it. This will grant you a considerable speed boost and send you back up into the sky. In theory, you can fly as long as you have enough fireworks rockets.

Just keep in mind that the Elytra’s durability also goes down the more you fly. You can fix an Elytra by putting it together with two phantom membranes at an anvil or by putting together two broken Elytras.

Flying in Minecraft PE: FAQ

Can you fly in Minecraft’s Survival Mode without an Elytra?

Sure, you may build a skyscraper and leap from the top. Then, you’ll have a nice, short flight of about 3 seconds before you crash and burn.

Can you fly without cheats in Minecraft?

The only way to fly without cheats is by using the Elytra wings and fireworks rockets.

How to fix the “Flying is not enabled on this server” error?

We’ve run into this frequently but have come up with a couple of ways to deal with it. You can try any of the following if you run into this issue:

1. Change server properties to enable flying;
2. Switch your game version;
3. Use mods to fix the issue.

Master Your Minecraft World

Minecraft is a game that encourages boundless creativity. You may fight creatures, make anything you can dream of, obtain all the necessary equipment, and even fly with cheat codes. You only need to understand when and how to enable them.

Now that we’ve explained how flying works in Minecraft, you’ll enjoy exploring these possibilities in both Survival and Creative mode more.

Meanwhile, share with us in the comments below:

  • What is your favorite aspect related to flying in Minecraft?
  • Do you believe it is a valuable skill?
  • Have you previously tried it?
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