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7 Tips & Tricks to Beat Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga game cover.

Pet Rescue Saga is a free block-matching game by King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga! This game is available on all iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad), Android as well as Facebook.

In this game, you need to save various pets from snatchers. Each board is presented with a variety of colored blocks; tap (or double click) sets two-or-more similar colors to clear the blocks. The blocks cannot be moved or swapped–only existing color clusters of blocks can be removed.

Each level of Pet Rescue Saga has a different objective–sometimes you need to clear at least 8o percent of the blocks, other times you need to meet a minimum score, and sometimes you only have a set amount of moves to complete any objective.

Pet Rescue Saga: How to Clear Levels Fast

  1. Worry about your pets first

On most levels, your number one goal should be saving your pets. This means paying attention to where they are on the board and making your primary goal to move them down as fast as you can. Avoid them standing on single-colored blocks that can’t be paired with anything around it. To do this, you’ll need to think a move or two ahead. Look at what blocks they’re standing on and make every attempt to ensure they’re standing on a stack that can quickly be tapped away when you get to the bottom to free them. The fewer blocks you have, the harder this becomes, so plan for it early on.

  1. Plan your moves accordingly

This somewhat goes with step one but can be applied to any level. Planning steps will help you clear levels faster and also increases your overall score. Pay attention to what’s on top and clear opposite colors on the bottom. This way, those top blocks have a better chance of coming down with like colors that you can then quickly apparent.

  1. Do not worry about clearing every single block

On most levels, you do not need to clear every single block. Worry about removing the rows with pets in them when you get to the end. The score is minimal, and the amount you get for saving a pet is worth more and may make the difference between keeping enough pets before you run out of moves.

  1. Giving and receiving free lives

Pay attention to how many lives you have before accepting more from friends. They will stay in your inbox as long as you let them, but if you accept them when you have full lives, it does not add any more, and you cannot retrieve them or redeem them later.

  1. Pay attention to the objectives

On some levels, the targets you have to meet can be a little tricky. Especially pay attention to the score requirements. If you save enough pets but do not meet the score requirements, you do not pass. This especially sucks if you use a booster you paid for to pass the level. If you are not close to the required score or pets needed to pass, do not waste any boosters. It is better to try your luck again and start the level over.

  1. Do not let your pets get snatched

Pay attention to when the pet gets scared and shakes. That means they are too close and run the risk of getting snatched. You cannot get that pet back, so your total amount of savable pets just went down.

If, for some reason, you can’t match enough blocks to get the required amount down, you won’t pass the level, and you lose a life. You can always pay to retrieve the pets.

  1. Use bombs and boosters wisely

For most levels, this is typically towards the end when color pairings get harder to make. One rocket or one bomb can make the difference between saving the pet you need to pass or having to start the level all over again. If you don’t need a booster or you think you can get away with not using it right that second, wait.

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