Postmates: How it works and what to expect?

Postmates app logo.

The world we live in is shrinking rapidly and now, it is easier to get what we want with the click of a button. You can now book a car ride from the comfort of your home, have your groceries delivered at home and a hot meal delivered at your doorstep. Postmates make things a lot easier as they have courier present in every city to bring customers all that they need within no time.


Postmates is a goods and food delivery service that makes it easy for customers to have access to food, personal items and groceries with the convenience of staying at home. Postmates promise to deliver the item to the customers within an hour. It started up in San Francisco in 2011 and developed into a $400 million business over the years.

Postmates have this system of hiring independent rider known as couriers, who use their own vehicles to deliver items to their respective location.


All you have to do is download the application on your smartphone, create your personal account and start browsing for the item you need. Postmates typically charge a small fee of $3.99 which is visible next to each store you visit along with the approximate time it will take for the courier to deliver the item to you. You can track your order and see where your driver is and how long it will take for him to reach you.


Ever heard of a 365 days a year 24/7 week delivery chain? Postmates do it for you!

If you are lunch at your office or if you want to order pizza for unexpected guests, Postmates has your back. They can deliver, anywhere, anytime – at your workplace, friend’s house, dorm, park or simply to your home. They deliver wherever you are and whenever you want.

Not only this, their delivery base takes into consideration the time and distance involved and ensures that your delivery is assigned to the nearest courier to make it reach you faster.

They also have a great customer care team available for you to contact them 24/7 in case of any trouble you are facing. You can reach them at their website:


They work in partnership with 350000 restaurant and retailers and 300000 Postmates couriers on the ground to get you what you want. You can track your order on your app, it is active in 2900 plus cities around the country and lastly, if you are a member you may get free delivery on orders above $15. What more one can ask for without having to move an inch?


With Postmates you are not restricted to one option of paying for your delivery. You can pay through Apple Pay, Credit Card and Debit Cards. Credit Cards supported by Postmates are Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard. There is no need for cash transaction because all payment methods are digital when it comes to Postmates.

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