Wreckfest Mobile opens up pre-registration for Android and Samsung gamers

Wreckfest opens up pre-registration for Android & Samsung gamers.

The hybrid mobile racing-physics simulator Wreckfest, first released for the Nintendo Switch, developed by BugBear, and later distributed by THQ, will finally be available on mobile devices. Merely five days after its’ initial announcement, HandyGames opened the pre-registration for any Android and Samsung players.

If the name Wreckfest is unfamiliar to you, consider the popular games that focus on destroying cars, such as FlatOut, Destruction Derby, or Street Rod. In those car-based deathmatches and conventional races, the main objective of all of these games is to completely destroy a wide variety of cars.

Similar to the above, in this new racer, you will compete in races on a variety of tracks while attempting to keep your car intact. Crashing into rivals to eliminate them and realistic automobile dynamics are other essential aspects of the gameplay.

It’s good to see such a classic method of approaching the subject come back to the forefront because this genre has been largely untouched recently, with most racing games focusing on the simple “complete a lap quicker than your opponents” cycle. 

Once that game makes it to the public, you will have plenty of optional levels that can be used as playgrounds to wreck your car, in addition to the races that promote it. Furthermore, you may spice up the gameplay options to prevent the racing loops from becoming too monotonous by including the obstacle courses that test your ability to complete them with your vehicle intact.

Wreckfest will be playable on both Android and iOS whenever it launches, ensuring that all mobile gamers can get their fill in the interim. 

Although there is currently no official release date for Wreckfest, you may stay up to date with any news in this regard and general Wreckfest news by visiting the HandyGames website!

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