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Best Apps For Learning Musical Instruments (2023) 

Learning to play a musical instrument is an enriching experience, and the right app can help you get the most out of your journey. Technology has revolutionized music lessons over the last decade, allowing access to virtual teachers worldwide, using real-time feedback and instruction.

We will discuss the five best apps for learning musical instruments as rated by users in 2023: Yousician and Simply Piano. We will explore their features, discuss recent updates, and share high-level comparisons between them – helping you decide which is best for you! So whether you’re interested in becoming a piano virtuoso or ukulele maestro – let’s dive into the top 5 best apps for learning musical instruments (2023).

Yousician and Simply Piano

Yousician is a leading online music teacher with over 10 million users. It focuses on helping you develop the skills to play instruments and sing, through personalized piano lessons, real-time feedback and progress tracking.

Yousician supports Piano, Guitar, ukulele, bass and singing lessons – all tailored to your skill level and interests. It also offers an extensive music theory library to discover new songs or practice classic tracks – perfect for aspiring songwriters.

Simply Piano is another great option for learning new musical ideas and instruments. Developed by JoyTunes in 2012 as an award-winning app, Simply Piano provides instruction for pianists of all levels using AI technology.

It’s designed to make learning fun – giving you individual feedback on your progress and helping you develop confidence in your playing. It also offers practice lessons focusing on specific techniques, like sight reading or improvisation – making it the perfect tool for music learners of any level.

How Yousician and Simply Piano Help You Learn Music Quickly and Easily

Yousician and Simply Piano are great choices for that learning music quickly and easily. Yousician’s interactive lessons give you real-time feedback so you can instantly see what you need to work on, while the extensive library gives you plenty of tracks for practice or inspiration. It also boasts various genres, from classical music to modern pop – ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Simply Piano focuses on teaching traditional techniques like reading sheet music and playing scales. AI technology allows it to tailor lessons based on your progress, providing individual feedback that helps build your confidence as a musician.

Its gamification elements make learning fun – giving the motivation to keep practising. Music educators have the power to express a vast range of emotions and feelings, which is why creating their own uniquely composed musical pieces.

Both apps also provide a range of additional features, such as tutorials, community forums and access to backing tracks. This allows you to easily find help with any queries or explore different genres and skill sets – helping make the learning process more enjoyable and interactive.

MusicLabe, GuitarTuna & Other Top Musical Instrument Learning Apps

Aside from Yousician and Simply Piano, other apps offer great music lessons too. MusicLabe is an innovative app which uses AI technology to provide real-time feedback on your playing – giving instant critiques of your performance. It also hosts a variety of online courses for beginners and advanced players – so it’s perfect for those who are starting or honing their skills.

GuitarTuna is a popular app for learning to play the Guitar. It features interactive lessons that focus on specific techniques and tuning and stringing help – making it ideal for beginners. It also provides access to specific genres like rock, blues or classical – giving you plenty of options.

These are just a few examples of great apps available for those looking to learn musical instruments – there’s plenty more out there too. So whatever instrument you’re interested in playing, check them all out and find the one that works best for you. Music teachers worldwide, real-time feedback, tutorials, community forums, backing tracks, AI technology, tuning & stringing help.

Benefits of Using Yousician and Simply Piano

  • Comprehensive Music Library: Yousician and Simply Piano provide access to an extensive music library, giving you plenty of fun songs for practice or inspiration.
  • Interactive Lessons: Both apps offer interactive lessons which give real-time feedback and progress tracking – helping you develop your skills quickly and easily.
  • Customized Learning: Yousician has personalized pieces tailored to your skill level, so you don’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed by too much content. At the same time, Simply Piano offers gamification elements making learning fun and motivating.
  • Tutorials & Community Forums: Both apps provide tutorials and community forums where you can ask questions or explore different genres – perfect for those needing help with specific queries.
  • Tuning & Stringing Help: GuitarTuna offers to tune and stringing help to ensure your instrument is always in perfect shape.
  • Variety Of Genres: There’s something for everyone on Yousician and Simply Piano – from classical to modern pop – giving you plenty of options!
  • AI Technology: Both apps use AI technology to provide real-time feedback on your playing, helping you progress faster with instant performance critiques.

To wrap it up, using Yousician and Simply Piano makes learning fun music apps easy and enjoyable – no matter what level or instrument you are interested in playing. The perfect accompaniment to your learning experience is the appropriate musical sounds. With interactive lessons, tutorials and various genres at your fingertips, you can make the most out of your journey.

Drawbacks of Using Yousician and Simply Piano

Yousician and Simply Piano are great tools for learning musical instruments, but as with any app, there are drawbacks.

  • Subscription Fees: Yousician and Simply Piano require a subscription fee to access their full features. This can add up over time and become expensive in the long run.
  • Limited Instruments: Unfortunately, both apps only focus on Guitar, Piano, drums and ukulele – so if you want to learn another instrument, they might not be suitable options.
  • Lack of Live Instruction: While both platforms provide real-time feedback, they don’t offer live instruction or coaching, which is important for those who need more individualized help with their learning.
  • Difficulty Level: Both apps have a wide range of difficulty levels, but some users might find it challenging to progress quickly – making the learning process more difficult.
  • Music Library: The music library on both apps is quite limited, which can be frustrating if you’re looking for something specific to practice or listen to.

Yousician and Simply Piano are both great options for those who want to learn musical instruments on their own time and at their own pace – however, they come with some drawbacks that should be considered before use. Whether these drawbacks outweigh the benefits depends entirely on your individual needs.

What Level User is Each App Suitable For

Yousician and Simply Piano suit users from beginners to advanced players. For beginners, Yousician’s interactive lessons make it easy to start learning the basics with fun gamification elements and personalized pieces tailored to your skill level – allowing you to progress quickly.

Similarly, Simply Piano also offers personalized content, tutorials, and community forums where you can ask questions or explore different genres – making it perfect for those who need help with specific queries.

Intermediate and advanced players will benefit from both apps’ comprehensive music libraries, AI technology which provides real-time feedback on their playing, as well as tuning & stringing help so they can ensure their instrument is always in perfect shape.


Learning to play an instrument does not have to be difficult or expensive- it can be fun and easy with the right help! These apps for learning musical instruments in 2023 let you learn at your own pace from home. Whether you want to start a new hobby or improve your existing skills, Yousician, Simply Piano, MusicLabe, and GuitarTuna will provide an enjoyable and interesting experience. With these modern applications, anyone can become a music maestro.


Is the Simply Piano app free?

No, Simply Piano is not a free app. Its subscription starts at $14.99/month or $89.99/year.

Do both Yousician and Simply Piano offer live instruction?

No, neither apps provide live instruction or coaching – although they provide real-time feedback on your playing to help you progress faster.

Do both apps offer tutorials?

Yes, Yousician and Simply Piano interactive feature lessons, tutorials and various genres are at your fingertips – allowing you to make the most of your journey.

Is Simply Guitar worth it?

That depends on your individual needs. Simply Guitar hero is great for those who want to learn the basics quickly and have access to a wide range of genres – however, it requires a subscription fee that can add up over time. Whether or not it’s worth it depends on how committed you are to learn the instrument.

How to learn Guitar fast?

The best way to learn Guitar fast is to set goals and practice regularly. Use apps like Yousician or Simply Piano, which provide interactive lessons, tutorials and a variety of genres – allowing you to make the most out of your journey.
Look for online courses tailored for beginners so you can get started quickly, and consider investing in one-on-one lessons if you require more individualized help. Set realistic practice goals, challenge yourself to reach them, and take regular breaks to avoid burnout.

Is one year enough to learn Guitar?

It depends on your dedication and the time you can spare to practice. If you can practice regularly, it is possible to learn the basics of Guitar in a year – but this will likely require at least one-on-one instruction or online courses tailored for beginners.

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