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Cool features and tricks to ‘Cookie Jam’

Cookie Jam is only your standard match-three puzzle game experience. However, it has an exciting twist that must be completed dessert recipe at each level. When you match shapes in different colors, you will be able to pick up the necessary ingredients to make your finished dish.

Traveling across several candy-themed islands such as cotton Cakelandia, chocolate Swiss Alps and more in your floating house ensures that there are some levels in the game to keep you busy.

Also, efforts are mutually balanced and needed to complete each level strategy. Unlike other games where you match tiles without thinking together and still pass the level, you will find that jam cookie requires some planning, which provides space for the intelligent player to climb the ranks of their friends.

Cookie Jam: Match 3 – Ultimate Tips and Cheats

  1. Trick your mobile device to gain unlimited free lives

Like most puzzle games, Cookie Jam lets you play on it, provided you have the available life. When you run out of life, you will be forced to pay a little dough from real life to keep playing. If you want free lives. The best way to get it is to leave the game simply, go to the Device Settings and forward your device’s time ahead a few hours. Take note of your new free lives back in the game, then quit the game again and change the time to return to normal before hopping back to cookie jam.

  1. Get rid of Waffle pieces without power-ups

A waffle piece surrounding a particular piece of cookies is complicated to clean up the scene. Here’s what you need to do to clear Waffle pieces – match three or more cookies around, but make sure that the parts to be assembled are the same color as the ones encapsulated in wafer pieces.

  1. Learn how to take Row-Clearing Cookies

It is simply a matter of aligning the four pieces together in one section. Then, depending on how you exclude them from the board, you will see the other pieces of cookie with a vertical or horizontal line. Once these are aligned with similar pieces, you can delete a row or column they are lined up with.

Also, watch out for X pieces you earn by lining up several pieces in a certain formation. Eliminated, these explode in an X fashion, taking out pieces nearby. They are ideal for building combos too.

  1. You Should Only Use Your Rolling Pins for Corner Pieces That are Hard to Match

A rolling pin will delete the entire row of ingredients at one time. While using them to kill a specific ingredient is tempting, it is much smarter to save them for obnoxious corners and crevices that can be readily available. For example, suppose you have waffles that you have to remove. In that case, you will run into many times where they are hidden in corners that are difficult to reconcile.

Cookie Jam: Match 3 – Features to Exploit

  • Luscious-looking goods

Bakery goods looked delicious, even when they were not real. This is another hit that the game graphics are well done. Even the world where you can see the level has also worked fine.

  • Subtle background music and realistic sound effects

The background music is subtle; it is right to keep life on the line and allows you to focus on your moves and strategies. Some words can be heard, including “Cookie Jam,” when the level is cleared. These also add to the excitement of the game.

  • Hours of puzzle fun

Cookie Jam has thousands of levels available to unlock, and the game is constantly updated so that you can expect more levels.

  • Thumbs up

Cookie Jam is the clear winner regarding graphics and sound effects. It is free to play, and thousands of levels to unlock give you hours of gameplay.

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