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Tips & Tricks to ‘Dark Dimension’ in Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force Dark Dimension I-V explained.

Dark Dimension is the name of a game mode in MSF where the player must contend with never-ending waves of foes. It is unlocked at Player Level 65 and is divided into five distinct stages: Enter the Darkness, Fear the Darkness, Dread the Darkness, Dark Dimension 4, and Dark Dimension 5.

DD1: Enter the Darkness

The first stage, “Enter the Darkness,” requires 5 six-star characters. If you’re a new player, your top priorities should be to beat “Enter the Darkness” as quickly as possible and get 6 stars for the Heroes on your current primary team.

You will receive much-needed Tier 13 equipment and Tier 13 materials required for the second stage of Dark Dimension in exchange for successfully completing the first stage.

Pro tip: 
After the initial clearance of "Enter the Darkness," it is crucial to do it again because awards are given twice.

DD2: Fear the Darkness

The second level of the Dark Dimension is called “Fear the Darkness.” Here, you will need a team of 5 characters with Tier 13 gear to participate in “Fear the Darkness.” Players that complete this stage receive Ultron and bonus Tier 13 equipment and supplies.

It is challenging to pass the second stage of the Dark Dimension without the right team composition, so the squad for clearing it should be properly put together. The Hero Minn-Erva is crucial to winning “Fear of the Darkness.” Her healing allows you to fight considerably longer and win battles with fewer retries. The issue with Minn-Erva is that, at the moment, farming her requires spending money.

Pro tip:
It is crucial to note that Phoenix and Scientist Supreme can also be employed as primary healers in particular team combinations because this could be a significant problem for free-to-play players.

The healing cooldown of Minn-Erva is the other issue. Minn-Erva will require someone to continuously give her extra ability energy so she can be effective in the “Fear the Darkness.” There are several candidates for the position, but Star-Lord is most likely the finest choice.

The primary problem in “Fear of the Darkness” will be ongoing debuffs. Due to this, it is crucial to give the primary team a Hero with cleansing powers. The remainder of the squad should be made up of a tank that will protect the group and survive long enough to receive healing, as well as someone who excels at doing damage.

Again, players can pass “Fear the Darkness” twice, which means Ultron will be accessible for the second clearing if you decide to go for it. The MSF Community reported successful occasions of beating “Fear the Darkness” in 7 days by employing Heroes like Juggernaut, Minn-Erva, Star-Lord, Magneto, and Pyro. Nevertheless, adding Ultron to the group will significantly lessen this stage’s difficulty and help you clear the stage faster.

It’s crucial to note that there is a virtually infinite number of ways to put together a team for “Fear of the Darkness.”

DD3: Dread the Darkness

The third stage of Dark Dimension, “Dread the Darkness,” currently serves as the game’s finale. You will require a squad of Heroes or Villains with Tier 14 gear for this stage.

Pro tip:
It is crucial to purchase all unique and mini-unique items as they become available in the Supplies shop because it is exceedingly difficult and time-consuming to equip 5 Heroes with Tier 14 gear if you are a free player.

When you have equipped 5 Meta Heroes, you will finally be able to defeat “Dread of the Darkness.” The strategy for this level is mainly the same as that for “Fear of the Darkness.”

DD4: Embrace your Doom

You can access Dark Dimension 4 by having five characters with 15-tier gear. Each encounter must be initiated with the use of 4 qualifying characters minimum. 

Pro tip:
If you are hoping to battle this mode with Black Bolt, you might be disappointed to learn that his "Ping" and "Burp" simply will not do enough damage in Dark Dimension.

DD5: Escape the Darkness

Dark Dimension 5, the most recent difficulty, is only accessible to players with five characters and gear tier 16. The information about the fifth segment from this game mode was released in the fall of 2021. Unofficially, this stage should be the last one from the DD series.

Each mission in DD5 is a part of a group of three that, like the Dark Dimension 4, has a specific character required. In addition, each combat must start with 5 qualifying characters.

The ultimate reward for passing the fifth part is adding Dormammu to your team at 5 yellow stars with a 2-red star promotion. Giving the stage a second pass will allow you to upgrade your Dormammu to 7 yellow and 4 red stars.

Pro tip:
Any horseman will be highly appreciated for finishing the series successfully. Also, you may want to make sure that you have more of the SS-Tier characters in your roster before you start DD5.

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