Undecember, a cross-platform action-RPG, is now available on PC, Android, and iOS

Undecember game poster.

Fans of hack & slash, rejoice! The Diablo-like action RPG titled Undecember from LINE Games is now available outside South Korea.

If you’re not familiar, Undecember initially gained attention last year.

The game’s publisher released a fantastic trailer displaying some breathtakingly beautiful graphics in 2021. Following that, the front became quiet until last week when Undecember dominated the Steam Next Fest over almost every other title. And right now, it’s available on the Google Play Store, the App Store, and Steam, and it’s entirely cross-platform.

What can you expect from the game?

Players worldwide can fully submerge into the Undecember experience on nearly any device as of October 12, 2022. Story-wise, Undecember takes place in Traum, a fictional universe created by 12 kind gods who were happy to share it with their human offspring. But, to ruin the fun, a thirteenth god named Serpens appeared and attempted to take Traum into the shadows.

It is a classic family drama-alike, but it guarantees some fun.

Ultimately, the gods banish themselves to expel Serpens, and what is left of them are Runes. Your goal as a rune hunter will be to track down, equip, combine, and upgrade these runes, then use the abilities they grant you to kill, well, everything. You’ll spend your time being swarmed by monsters and cutting them down.

Undecember has probably generated the most buzz because of its spectacular presentation, but there is more to it. 

One unique feature of Undecember is its method of classless growth. By combining Rune Skills and Gear, you can develop your character any way you like without being bound by class restrictions. There is also a Zodiac system, which is as unusual. And finally, you get a story campaign with ten Acts that will certainly take you a lot of time to get through. Along with various co-op Raids, there are also the Chaos Dungeon, Void Rift, and Spire of Barrier game types that will push you to at least learn more about Undecember if not play the title.

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