Monster Train finally launches on iOS, next week

Monster Train finally launches on iOS.

The incredibly popular deckbuilding roguelike Monster Train, announced earlier this year, now has an iOS release date. It will happen exactly next week. Gamers will finally be able to carry this incredibly unique and well-liked adventure in their pockets starting on October 27. In addition, pre-orders have begun, so you may get a head start.

While other hugely popular deck builders like Slay The Spire or Hand of Fate were exploding at the time Monster Train was released on PC and Switch, it was intended to change the game. Monster Train exploded in popularity and is now regarded in a similar manner to other deckbuilding roguelike classics thanks to a brand-new run structure that had never been seen before and some incredibly intriguing multi-level elements that changed up the traditional formula.

This popularity is mainly attributable to the novel mechanics it introduces. You see, in Monster Train, you take control of a train as it travels through a dangerous fantasy world. The heart of this train, which includes three distinct floors, represents the end of your game. This implies that you will be handling essentially three particular conflicts at once while dealing with adversaries on each floor.

Naturally, while you go through these regions, you’ll also encounter a broad range of unforeseen circumstances that will grant you additional cards, upgrades, artifacts, and more, all of which will make your run that much more straightforward. There are a few different factions that will focus on various means of building up your cards and using different powers to win, but the deck building mechanics themselves are pretty similar to those in the typical game in this genre.

Simply put, Monster Train is a fantastic introduction to a somewhat crowded genre and is unquestionably one you should get your hands on. You can pre-order it at the link below prior to its scheduled release on October 27. For additional details about the game, in the meantime, visit the official website!

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